What’re we Even Doing Here?

When does hobby cross into obsession? How do we define a game? How should a game be measured? How many games is too many games?

I’m Renald Lefebvre, I’m a working stiff in New England and I own a collection of video games that might be described as too many. I’m working on getting a Let’s Play Youtube channel up and I figure it’ll be nice to go over the finer points of the game here instead of trying to cram it all into the video and commentary. Or maybe you don’t want to hear my silly voice on the Youtubes and just get into the meat of the matter. This is going to be a blog about video games, what makes them fun and what can really ruin them. I’m a little technologically behind right now so I’ll be sticking to older games. I’m thinking that I’ll start somewhere simple, something that’s not too fast paced. With those aspects in mind the first game for discussion is Earthbound.
I might also stray into movies and board games or something, the sky is the limit at Approximately Too Many Games!


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