Tim Curry: This Man WILL Betray You

 I thought it was time for a little change of pace here on Approximately Too Many Games, and something popped into my head. I can’t think of a game in which Tim Curry does not betray the player. Spoiler warnings, I will be talking about the circumstances of these betrayals.


This is Tim Curry. He’s been acting since the 70s and is best known for his roles in Rocky Horror Picture Show (His breakout role), Legend (As Satan no less. It says “Darkness” but he looks like Satan, pics to come), Congo, Muppet Treasure Island, Stephen King’s It, and a bunch of small and large roles in cartoons through the years. He’s got a very distinctive and wonderfully melodious voice, so it makes perfect sense for him to voice cartoon characters and videogame characters. But there’s something strange about his game appearances. I’ve played three games, of the 17 he’s voice acted for, and in each of them his character has betrayed mine. Maybe I just unlucky for those 3 games, but that’s still 1/6th of his game career and his other voice credits aren’t too promising (Especially considering one of those characters is Satan… again).


They probably couldn’t have said it in a kids movie, but this is fucking Satan. He even “reprises” his role in the game “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.

The Betrayers


Stratos from the PC Real Time Strategy game Sacrifice.

The god of air on a world with four other deities that have been vying for control and dominance for millenia. His absolutely bizarre appearance is offset by the strange placidity in his voice. (http://youtu.be/b1AFOkCcW6U?t=1m32s) The troops he employ don’t use brute force on the battlefield but control enemy movement and use various forms of deception to get the upper hand. He allies himself in two competing alliances, showing his true colors at the end when it turns out he was working for himself the whole time. He’s betraying the whole planet here as well. To give himself the edge he needed he summoned a demon of such immense power that it threatens to consume the whole world. That’s some betrayal right there.


Premier Anatoly Cherdenko from Command and Conquer: Red Alert III

This is one of the funniest roles I’ve ever seen Tim Curry in. Just listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yMy7JuGpJM . Everything about it is brilliantly funny, Curry can’t even stop himself from cracking a smile through most of it (I swear that the 20 second mark that he’s about to burst out laughing and can only continue by shouting SPACE at the top of his fool lungs.) I’m not totally sure if he betrays the player (That clip seems to insinuate) but at the very least he betrays his partner in time crime. The game takes place in a world where the Cold War became a very hot one. It begins with Cherdenko losing but he uses a time machine to go back in time, with one General Krukov, and kill Albert Einstein to prevent him from inventing weapons that aid the Allied effort. Believing that General Krukov knows too much about all this time travel nonsense, he has you destroy him during one of the missions. Then it seems like he betrays you, I mean you should have seen it coming. If he’ll betray using you, he’ll betray on you.


And last but not least, Arl Howe from Dragon Age: Origins.

As soon as I heard Tim Curry’s suave voice come out of this guy’s mouth saying “My troops are running a bit late” I knew fucking well that this guy was going to betray me and try to kill my stupid, non-Tim-Curry-voice-recognizing face. I didn’t know when and it didn’t matter how but it was going to happen. Shocking me, it happens before the end of the prologue. His betrayal is the catalyst for the human noble’s call to glory. His men show up and kill everyone in your little castle before you can say, “Oh no, my poor defenseless family.”

Why does Tim Curry’s voice a sign of impending betrayal? Because it sounds so good doing it! It’s calm and calculated, even in the most ridiculous of examples (SPACE). He’s got a voice that just oozes with villainy and cruel wit. It’s sort of sad though that he’s been doing it for so long that I can see it coming from so far away. Even so, he’ll create a character that the player will love to hate. A bad guy so vile that I’ll do anything to stop him, even become a villain myself. So, bully for you Tim Curry, you keep doing that voodoo you do so well.


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