The Misadventures of Tron Bonne (Playstation 1)



How did the Bonnes pay for that giant flying machine of theirs? Well, how does anyone finance a large investment? They got a loan of course– right this way are you looking for a car, a house, or a fully armed flying armada? Unfortunately their loan shark is the vicious Lex Loath and he wants his money and exorbitant interest on top of it. Play as Tron Bonne leading Servbots into battle while controlling Tron’s latest fighting machine.


Her latest creation is called the Gustaff and it’s a really solid fighting machine.



 Sorry guys, I couldn’t find hide nor hair about the development or history of this game. It came with a demo for Legends 2 and that’s pretty cool.

Fun Fact: The voice actor for Bon Bonne is the same woman who voices Pikachu. She’s in Legends 1 and 2 but not in this game for some reason.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne was released on April 30th, 1999. It’s competition was Team Fortress Classic (PC), Pokemon Snap (Nintendo 64), and Baldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast (PC).


Back in the day we didn’t have none a’ that fancy internet. I learned about games from friends and advertisements until my uncle subscribed me to Playstation Magazine. It’s a little obsolete considering how much free advertising there is nowadays but back then it was invaluable. It was filled with exclusive looks at titles, cheats, walkthroughs for the most popular games, I wouldn’t have completed Kingdom Hearts without it. I wouldn’t have known about this game without my subscription. I remember thinking, “I get to play as Tron Bonne? Sign me the fuck up!”


This game is unlike the standard Megaman affair in a few ways. The Gustaff is not as agile as Megaman and Tron has an army of Servbots to do her bidding. That being said the Gustaff can take WAY more punishment than the blue bomber, I upgraded the heck outta my health and I was never at risk for dying. You’ll have to make up for your lack of agility by sending your Servbots to do your bidding. The Gustaff can fire a “beacon bomb” to mark enemies and useful targets for the Servbots to investigate.


The cutest robbery.

Lex Loath kidnaps Teisel and Bon and is holding them ransom for the one million zenny debt you owe him. So, you’ve got to get your pirate hat on and steal whatever you can find in order to get the money. You’ll be searching ancient ruins for treasure, stealing animals, robbing banks, and looting harbors in order to foot the bill. You’ll be solving block puzzles, running around in the Gustaff and dealing damage, or using a more tactical mindset controlling the Finkle, a small flying camera with a mean charge. There are enough missions to match your playstyle to get the money you need no matter how things go down so just have fun.

hqdefault (1)

That’s Lex on the right. Sleazy…. as…. fuck.

Servbots add a whole bunch of different angles to missions, they’re indestructible, loyal, but a little incompetent. They’ll be fixing their mistakes a lot, with Miss Tron’s expert guidance of course. Occasionally a Servbot will get lazy and that means it’s a trip to the TORTURE ROOM for them– that’s right, the Gessellschaft has a Servbot torture room to keep them all on their toes. Servbots also have special skills. These skills can get unlocked by raising their stats or giving them a special item to inspire them. Most of these skills are really useful, some of them aren’t– in combat anyway. If you want to change the music or alter the Gustaff’s appearance then these “useless” skills will come in handy for you.


The Gush

Holy Servbots Batman. There are 40 Servbots in all and they’re all on the ship somwhere, they all have a unique personality and a short bio– I love reading about these guys and seeing them in action.

You upgrade the Gustaff by spending money at Research and Development and I thought that was really interesting. Do you spend your money on upgrades or save it up to pay Loath? I mean, who know’s what he’s doing to Teisel in the meantime.

Denise Marmalade is a police lady who always shows up to try and stop Tron. If you’re doing your job right then she won’t succeed but dammit does she try. She’s just got this down on her luck attitude that makes you feel sorry for ruining her day.


If you thought Sabin from Final Fantasy 6 was tough, this mild mannered police lady can actually JUDO THROW the Gustaff. That’s metal.

It’s super fun to be able to see the inside of the Gessellschaft. It’s got a bunch of room with all sorts of stuff in them.

capture_20092009_180406 (1)

You’ll spend most of your time on the bridge…


… But there’s nothing stopping you from taking a little visit to Teisel’s study.

BTW, did I mention that you’re playing the villains? I know the Bonnes are pretty benign as far as villains go but I’m always up for playing the bad guys.

Like all Legends games the music is top notch.


The Kvetch

I know that Tiesel has been kidnapped so he can’t appear but he’s my favorite Bonne. I know he’s more hands off and Tron is usually behind the controls but I would have liked to hear that maniacal laugh of his a little more.

I love Servbots, they’re awesome. But the training minigames you play for them are tedious as hell and not fun at all. I usually skipped them altogether and hoped my shooting and dodging skills would make up for it.

There are only three weapons in this game. I know it’s not technically a Megaman game but three weapons is kind of a let down. The Gustaff could be outfitted with a gun that shoots snakes or something but sadly that’s not meant to be.

The Verdict

 If you like any of the Legends games then I recommend this game. I love it, no nostalgia here. It’s a unique Megaman experience, playing as the bad guys.

Next Week: Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance.


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