Hotline Miami II Theory: Beard Doesn’t Exist in Hotline Miami

Alright all you crazy cats out there. Hotline Miami II will release very soon now. As a promotion for the game, the developers have been releasing comics discussing the upcoming factions the game will have. One of them shows Jacket’s post-murder rampage companion, Beard, fighting Russians in some sort of armed conflict. One of his comrades looks suspiciously like Jacket’s in-comic character and his face is never revealed, just like Jacket’s hasn’t. Beard’s final line in the comic is, “Then I’ll go back home, and act as if this was just a bad job that I quit. Maybe I’ll open my own shop… a bar, a video store, a grocery… whatever… I won’t have to think about this shit anymore. And that’s what really matters.”

If Jacket took this to heart then he might find something resembling sanity and solace in Beard’s ideal for what sanity was. He calms down after every engagement by going into his mind and having a chat with his deceased, or at least not present, war buddy who gives him a gift for being such a good friend. Beard’s first words in Hotline Miami I are used to console Jacket after his girlfriend broke up with him, something that commonly occurs when someone goes off to war.


Just to emphasize my point.


Eventually the violence is too much for Jacket those he’s murdered begin showing up in his safe places. Mangled mobsters begin frequenting his favorite joints until Beard is killed by Richter in every location, the man who actually attempts to murder Jacket. Wherever Richter goes he tells Jacket that he’s not welcome there any more. I imagine this to be Jacket’s realization that he’s being followed by someone he distinctly doesn’t trust. And he shouldn’t, it’s Richter who gets the closest to killing him.


It’s just a theory and it might not pan out but let this post show that if it is true, I called it.



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